Explore our space


This space is for the child that wants to build things! In the Connecting Room  kids are invited to build using connecting bricks and Knex!,

We have building bricks in all sizes so whether you want to build a fort, boat or maybe castle building  is your thing.

Come have fun building on our Lego wall! 

All of those bricks are waiting for you to create a master piece. ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED.

Pre-School Playroom

The Pre-school Playroom is a space designed just for our young friends ages 4 and under. Our Playroom is a fun and creative place for young children to explore and enjoy. It makes a great destination for a playdate with friends, meeting other moms or caregivers or a rainy day!  ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED

Imagination lab

Welcome to the Imagination lab! In our lab you can create, invent, explore, build. We have lots of fun activities for you to do, from building electrical kits to creating a masterpiece of art!. This space is for you to explore and try new things that you will enjoy doing. ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED