Our Mission

ChildrenConnect Museum engages children and families in the joyful discovery of connecting to the world around them through meaningful play.

our values

At ChildrenConnect we strive every day to be a welcoming, imaginative, child-centered learning environment. We support diverse families in nurturing their children's creativity and curiosity. We promote the healthy development of all children so that they can fulfill their potential and contribute to the future prosperity of society.

Our Future



ChildrenConnect plans to incorporate interactive exhibits that will encourage children to engage with the exhibit and learn through active play. Each of the exhibits will represent a different aspect of living in our city. 


Our hospital will give children a chance to imagine themselves as a member of a medical team. It will give them a chance to explore their health and offer them activities such as setting a pretend broken bone or having an x-ray.


At our Carnegie library, you can discover filing books can be fun. That finding a soft cushion and a good book helps bring you closer to your child. 

Shopping at our Grocery Store will encourage children to learn about healthy food choices and foods from different cultures.  


In our Maker's room, a child's creativity and curiosity will have a place to create and to discover, whether they are painting a masterpiece or building a rover for mars, our maker's room allows the child to take the lead and create what they want to!


In our city, we will have a green screen filming exhibit that gives children the opportunity to create a short film or commercial. This exhibit will encourage children to explore the magic of making a short film with the technology that they witness every day in films and on television. 


All of our young creators have the opportunity to share their own projects as temporary exhibits in the museum. By empowering kids to serve as exhibit developers and curators, we create a true "children's museum." 


Let's Build Together!

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